Chris and Desi
Sunset from Point Loma
Sunset from La Mesa. Stitched panorama Nikon D750, 120mm at f5.6
San Diego Superbloom
Pacific Beach Fisherman
Going Ansel Adams on Windasea
Sunset, Denver
Curved Tree, Mission Beach
Grandma Poses
The Gates, New York
Point Loma
Little Peconic Bay, New York
Blue Moon
Sunset, Colorado Springs
San Diego Superbloom
Nephew at Legoland
Nephew at Legoland
Nephew at Legoland
Mom and Nephew with Ice Cream
Grandma's Birthday
Futurism Dog
Ducklings at the Reflecting Pool
San Diego sun, sky, sea, sailboat, surfers, sand.
Hibiscus in OB
Geranium in the backyard
Purple in the backyard
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