Little Chris
Art Show, senior year of high school
Photo by Salt Photos
Dude with his Dog
My social media profiles all say the same thing: 
I'm an Artist. I'm a Designer. I'm a Bodybuilder. 
I create. I communicate. I lift.
I interact with the world as an artist: observing, recording, reacting. 
I devote myself to mastering what has to be said and use all the media tools available to best communicate to an audience. It's a day-by-day process I like sharing with others.
This is my portfolio: my graphic design as a designer, art and creative director. You'll also find sketches and photography, because they're important parts of how I think and work. I hope they provide insight into my passion, thinking and skill as a visual artist. 
The bodybuilder thing? Well, I like to think it keeps me balanced and out of my head, away from the art—only it doesn't. I've solved countless design problems at the gym. It's a day-by-day process too. 
Cheers! Enjoy.
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